Ordinary training in Långedrag

Today we had a training session in Långedrag with a coach and three other teams to compete against. It was very rainy at first, but the sun managed to break through and it ended up being a really nice evening.

2014-05-14 17.46.34Photo by Kim Kling

Our sailing on the other hand was not that good. We’ve had some struggles getting our spinnaker sailing to function well and today it was more windy than our other training sessions with spinnaker. So things got faster than usual and started to mess up. All of the guys did a good job though, and the only solution to our struggle is more practice. The next session is tomorrow. We wish for stronger winds so we can learn as much as possible.

There was a new Match Race ranking today, and we moved up 134 places to 490th. This was only due to our participation in IceBreaker Qualification, so that was a surprise. Hopefully we can climb way longer when we start to compete more.

/ Kim Kling, Skipper