IceBreaker Qualifier – recap

It has been a great weekend with winds of all strengths and a lot of racing. Since we don’t have a permanent trimmer, Oscar Pantzare helped us and performed very well after only one practice session.

Over all, we are happy with the speed and our tactical decisions. The results is rather disappointing (6th of 7) and is caused by severe flaws we are currently working on eliminating. We had bad timings in the pre-start and started the races, in most cases, from behind. This have been very frustrating and something we will practice hard to get rid of. The tacks have been lacking as well, we lost distance in almost all tackduells.

But, we had some bright moments. For one, we won against Anna Östling (World Champion 2014 in Women’s Match Race) in the second Round Robin. It was a great match from start to end, with attempts from Anna to roll us during both downwinds, and the team was very excited after we crossed the finishline. This is something we’ll remember from the regatta and it proves that when we make it work, we have the capacity to sail really good.

/ Kim Kling, Skipper