Finland is next!

Photo session with Cajsa Svensdotter, June 2014
Photo by Cajsa Svensdotter, June 2014

This weekend, the IceBreaker competition in Gothenburg, Sweden takes place. We were unfortunately not invited, due to our comparatively low ranking and bad result in the qualifier. Therefore, we had to find another competition.

On the 31st of April, we’ll travel to Helsinki, Finland and sail the Helly Hansen Cup. The competition is sailed in J/80 boats, which is new to us. Fortunately there is a practice day on Friday the 1st of May, which will maximize our understanding of the boat. We all really look forward to the regatta, and is very excited to see how we perform against the Finnish sailors!

The week after that, we’ll be back in Gothenburg and participate in Volvo Spring Cup. It is the qualifier for Stena Match Cup Sweden 2015, and the competition will be very good. The perfect way to get good routine and learn to compete against the very best.

We have a few exciting weeks in front of us, stay with us for updates! All the bigger updates will be on the website, but smaller updates is usually on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.

/ Kim Kling, Skipper

First practice completed

11072626_435411343282900_1613292986527945075_nThis weekend, we got out on the water for the first time this season. We quickly felt confident in our sailing, and practiced a lot of spinnaker sailing as well as gybes and tacks. This season Fredrik is new as bowman, but impressed us all with a great job.

We are very thrilled for this season, and feel more confident than ever!

/ Kim Kling, Skipper

New video!

Caprice Match Racing Team have been in Denmark! And as usual, we brought our camera. Here is a video from the trip, mixed with some shots during practice.

Volunteer at Stena Match Cup Sweden 2014

I just had an amazing week at Stena Match Cup Sweden as a mechanic. I have learned a lot about the boats, seen a lot of sailing and and also learnt a lot of new maneuvers that I can’t wait to practice with the guys.

For the first time in my life I have been this close to sailing with the absolute elite within Match Racing. I have argued with them about theboats, partied with them and congratulated them on their success. I have even been drinking wine from the Stena Match Cup-trophy (!). It’s been so much fun and it is something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I am now more determined than ever. Within a few years, I want to be the one racing at Stena Match Cup Sweden. I want to become the very best at Match Racing, and I know my team wants that too.

Stay tuned, the goal is set. Hopefully you’ll be with us.

/ Kim Kling, Skipper

2014-07-06 00.00.22P.S. We (the team of mechanics) may have stolen Björn Hansen’s trophy at the event closing dinner and had our own prize ceremony with Hansen at the mechanic’s container. It was awesome. D.S.