New video!

Caprice Match Racing Team have been in Denmark! And as usual, we brought our camera. Here is a video from the trip, mixed with some shots during practice.

Volunteer at Stena Match Cup Sweden 2014

I just had an amazing week at Stena Match Cup Sweden as a mechanic. I have learned a lot about the boats, seen a lot of sailing and and also learnt a lot of new maneuvers that I can’t wait to practice with the guys.

For the first time in my life I have been this close to sailing with the absolute elite within Match Racing. I have argued with them about theboats, partied with them and congratulated them on their success. I have even been drinking wine from the Stena Match Cup-trophy (!). It’s been so much fun and it is something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I am now more determined than ever. Within a few years, I want to be the one racing at Stena Match Cup Sweden. I want to become the very best at Match Racing, and I know my team wants that too.

Stay tuned, the goal is set. Hopefully you’ll be with us.

/ Kim Kling, Skipper

2014-07-06 00.00.22P.S. We (the team of mechanics) may have stolen Björn Hansen’s trophy at the event closing dinner and had our own prize ceremony with Hansen at the mechanic’s container. It was awesome. D.S.


Photo by Cajsa Svensdotter

Earlier this month, we had a photo session with Cajsa Svensdotter. She is a great photographer and have provided us with tons of pictures. Some of them have been uploaded at the gallery page, and some can be found at our Facebook page.

Pages for personal presentation have been added, but isn’t filled with content yet.

Our dear DS37’s is currently being prepared for Stena Match Cup Sweden, where both Kim and John will be volunteers. The boats will then be prepared for Women’s Cup in Lysekil, so there is long before we can practice with DS37 in GKSS again. In the mean time, we’ll practice with C55 in Stenungsund for the Swedish Youth Nationals.

/ Kim Kling, Skipper

Ordinary training in Långedrag

Today we had a training session in Långedrag with a coach and three other teams to compete against. It was very rainy at first, but the sun managed to break through and it ended up being a really nice evening.

2014-05-14 17.46.34Photo by Kim Kling

Our sailing on the other hand was not that good. We’ve had some struggles getting our spinnaker sailing to function well and today it was more windy than our other training sessions with spinnaker. So things got faster than usual and started to mess up. All of the guys did a good job though, and the only solution to our struggle is more practice. The next session is tomorrow. We wish for stronger winds so we can learn as much as possible.

There was a new Match Race ranking today, and we moved up 134 places to 490th. This was only due to our participation in IceBreaker Qualification, so that was a surprise. Hopefully we can climb way longer when we start to compete more.

/ Kim Kling, Skipper